A weeks worth of work for 7 panels that make up the sides and dividers for the desk and credenza.  Each panel is 1 3/16” thick with a 1/16 thick plain sawn cherry veneer.
Taking care of the uneven edges with the smoothing plane…there’s two of these bases that will eventually become supports for a 7’ stone conference table that extends off the backside of the desk.
The first of a 4 part glue up for a section of the desk base.  3” long through mortise and tenon may be overkill but it makes for a great detail on the base.
Fresh coat if oil on our red oak dining room table.  I’ve used so many finishes over the past few years and nothing beats a simple oil rubbed finish.  This table gets daily abuse and still looks great…
Finally back to making furniture!  Starting on a desk and credenza for a corporate office in Houston.
The bed frame for the airstream.  I used straight grain hickory for the slats in hopes that it will have a little give and not be too stiff.  Underneath is a 18” pullout drawer and open storage which can be accessed from the rear of the trailer. #airstream #airstreamclassics #rockwood53airstream
The fridge cabinet reluctantly going into its new home.  #rockwood53airstream
Moving forward with the airstream slowly but surely.  What you see here is the kitchen which will have a sink and a stove top.  In the back corner is the beginning of a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. #rockwood53airstream
Well 10 jigs and 38 hrs later this airstream just about has a new wrap around dinette bench, just short 6 compartment lids. #rockwood53airstream